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Donate to ACN Today!

ACN encourages recurring monthly gifts and this option is available on the form. Thank you for your support.


Your gift helps improve the lives of Nebraskans!

Your Gift At Any Level Can Help ACN Change Lives and Impact the Community!

While ACN encourages monthly giving as it is most helpful in the delivery of mission through our 365-day, 24/7 operations, we appreciate and acknowledge all gifts at every level.


  • Your monthly gift of $25 can help us buy seeds and bedding for the Community Garden throughout the growing season
  • Your monthly gift of $50 can help us purchase personal hygiene products for a group home of three (3) individuals for each month
  • Your monthly gift of $100 can buy sheets and towels for a person in a group home who does not have the ability to pay for their own materials, an ongoing month-to-month need
  • Your monthly gift of $250 can provide six (6) new mattresses per year forACN group homes


  • Your one-time gift of $600 provides two (2) months of art supplies for the onsite creation of sellable goods by ACN’s clients in The Art Garden
  • Your one-time gift of $1,000 provides patio furniture and a grill for group home residents to enjoy the outdoors
  • Your one-time gift of $2,500 covers the utility bill in ACN’s main headquarters for 1 month of operations
  • Your one-time gift of $2,750 can help purchase a washer and drier for two (2) group homes
  • Your one-time gift of $5,000 allows one month of rent for the rural service hubs of Blair, Fremont & Waterloo

Thank you for considering a gift to ACN!

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